In Canada, our lives are designed and scheduled around vehicle transportation. It’s not just some of our freakishly cold weather that makes this a necessity.  Our cities and businesses are actually designed towards vehicle traffic as opposed to pedestrian traffic.  Our daily routines, work and school schedules and, our free time often depend on having a reliable mode of transportation. If you are are needing a new car to get you through your week and need vehicle financing, Great Canadian Solutions is the right place for you.

We are just like shopping local for your next car.

Great Canadian Solutions is located in Edmonton, Alberta but we also work with clients from all across Canada; from Victoria, B.C to St. John’s, Newfoundland.  Having our business located in a Canadian city helps us understand how difficult it can be when you do not have a vehicle.  No matter why you find yourself in this position, we strive to get you into your car as soon as possible. If you have difficulties with your credit, we can work with that. Maybe it is your first vehicle purchase. It is important for you to get your new vehicle financed quickly so that you can get your life into the fast lane. Vehicle financing is our specialty and we don’t mess around with all of the commissioned sales staff, games and, showy buildings that you encounter when going from dealership to dealership to find a car. Maybe even some of them have turned you down due to bad credit. The only thing you need to do with us is fill out your application. We will take care of the rest.

Whether your life includes a commute to work or school, you are a busy mom taking kids here and there or maybe, your vehicle will be your means of income. Working for Uber or Skip the Dishes might be the place where you are starting out. It’s pretty hard to start a career like these without a car. In most cities in Canada, delivering food on a bicycle just won’t work.  You need something better. 


Why are we your car financing solution?

We know it is a tough purchase to make sometimes. It can be overwhelming and a huge financial decision. We will help you with all of this. Financing the car that will make your goals, dreams and plans into your reality!

If you are thinking we could be the answer to your auto financing struggles, we cannot wait to work with you. Our vehicle purchasing process is new and fresh. We can take care of all the details and paperwork online with our quick application.  You will not be disappointed. Great Canadian Solutions is just that; the solution to your car problem. Specifically tailored to what Canadians need and want, from the comfort of their own home. The first step is to fill out our application. We have streamlined the process to make it as easy as possible for you. Our financing experts will contact you once we receive the application. Let’s get started on this for you today!

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