Trust is the most important component of your decision to purchase a vehicle. Trust is a firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability, of someone. Relationships have to be built on trust. We want to earn your trust.


We believe that you are more likely to trust the auto-sales process the more that it moves online.

Our online sales meets you where you are. We don’t make you get up and go to a car dealership. You are accustomed to the online platform. And if you are suspicious about anything, you know exactly how to go to a web site where you can fact-check something. This interface gives you time to check it out without the pressure of a sales person in your face. It’s going to increase your trust level before you purchase.

The U.S. automakers’ growing problem with microchip shortages is eroding trust from consumers in the entire industry and in specific brands. As the shortages continue to delay the output of the companies’ factories — depleting inventories, strapping selection, delaying deliveries and inflating prices — would-be car buyers are getting increasingly frustrated.

There’s a growing risk not necessarily of distrust but of consumer dissatisfaction with not getting the product they’ve saved up for and want to buy. Great Canadian Solutions allows you to build a meaningful relationship based on trust. We don’t just employ sales tactics to make a hefty commission—we are wanting to build your trust. Buying a car is one of the largest purchases a person will make, and customers don’t want to feel pressured into making this important decision. We want to develop rewarding business relationships, that have you returning again in the future. Every meeting with us is a conversation, not a sales pitch.

When a customer begins to express certain concerns about purchasing a vehicle, auto salespeople often view this as a roadblock. However, we listen carefully so that we can actually better understand your perspective—and give you a chance to offer various solutions. We never jump to conclusions. We try and put ourselves in your shoes in order to understand what it feels like to be you. By understanding what concerns you, we also understand what it takes to meet your needs.

A new Ipsos poll commissioned by reports that buyers are having more difficulty buying the car they want due to low inventory and current market conditions, exacerbated by a low level of trust in the dealership buying process. The survey, conducted early February, 2022, found that 84 per cent of car purchasers “wish the process of shopping for a car was easier”, with 76 per cent stating they would prefer to spend less time visiting dealerships to find the right car and 71 per cent agreeing that they would prefer not to negotiate with commissioned salespeople.  It’s not surprising that Canadians have grown tired of the dated car-buying experience where they’re required to spend hours of their valuable spare time travelling between dealerships, haggling with salespeople or combing through the classifieds,” says Dan Park, CEO of Clutch. “A car is the second largest purchase that most people will make in their lifetime, yet so many Canadians dislike the car purchasing experience. Other results of the survey revealed that:

More than half (55 per cent) of those who purchased a vehicle from a dealership in the past two years felt that they needed more information.

90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business, and almost the same percentage trust these reviews the way they trust personal recommendations. More than half of shoppers say that the most important factor when choosing a dealership is the dealer’s reputation.  Building trust with you, the modern car buyer is our major goal.  We want to understand what you want.  You can utilize technology to your advantage, using the ability to shop online, and then seamlessly move the process forward.

Great Canadian Solutions has over 88% customer satisfaction rating and Google Business Profile shows 8/9 reviews as 5 star.
43 per cent of Canadian car buyers do not enjoy the process of shopping for or purchasing a vehicle from a dealership, and this is especially true in the prairies (59 per cent Saskatchewan/Manitoba).  21 per cent of car buyers have felt taken advantage of and 27 per cent of Canadian car buyers say they do not trust salespeople to give them all the relevant details about a car and offer a fair price.  A lack of trust in dealers and dealerships appears to be a driving cause of the difficult car-buying experience, as 83 per cent either do not trust, or only somewhat trust the sales person.

The report also says that “of those who recently purchased a car or plan to in the next two years, 61 per cent indicate they would consider purchasing a car online without seeing it in person first. Half of a consumer’s decision to repurchase or recommend an automotive brand or dealer is based on trust.

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Great Canadian Solutions gives our customers control of their buying experience.

You want to be in control of your shopping experience, and we give you a range of online and offline communication options to help make you comfortable and enable open dialogue. We offer a hybrid experience that combines the functionality of brick-and-mortar operations with the convenience of shopping online. We believe this is key for building a strong trust relationship with you, our customer.  With this hybrid model, you can do as much of the shopping online as you would like, and then come to us when you are ready. This level of flexibility helps bolster confidence and trust in the process. Since you can now purchase on your own terms, you can be more comfortable with the process and remain a loyal customer.

Consumers familiar with shopping online are overwhelmingly satisfied with their dealership experience, with 77% expressing this sentiment.


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