The recent events in our world have caused a change in the way many companies do business. The internet, and companies like Great Canadian Solutions, have brought a variety of options into play when it comes to a multitude of activities in our lives. Shopping locally in Edmonton for a new or used car, truck, RV or ATV online, is one of those growing trends. Great Canadian Solutions strives to be a different financing company and not just your everyday “car dealership near me.”

The younger generations that are coming into the market of buying a new or used vehicle do not look at this process in the same way that the older generations did. The trend for them is moving away from haggling, going from dealership to dealership, and facing the many games that dealerships play. When working online to purchase a car, the need for honesty and transparency is even more important because so much will occur for our client behind the scenes. This exciting new mode of business removes the pressure and anxiety from the car shopping experience.

Vehicle Financing Unique for You

Great Canadian Solutions is prepared to earn your trust and meet your financing needs, no matter what state your credit is in. We are local to Edmonton, Alberta and the surrounding area. Connected to what is close to you, knowledgeable about where you live, what life is like for you and your vehicle needs. Yet, we are reachable from anywhere in the world. We understand that giving you all the facts and necessary information will help you feel comfortable with us and your purchase. We plan on earning this trust little

little and will be happy to answer your questions and give you all the information we can, every step of the way. Our customer testimonials are great but, we want you to experience our unique way of doing business for yourself. We want to take the uncomfortable and make it easy and relaxed. We will make sure you are involved in each step of the process, that you are well informed and that we follow through on our promises.

We also know that you might be the kind of person who doesn’t want to know anything about the behind the scenes process. Your life is full and you enjoy time with your family, your friends and your work. That you only want your vehicle delivered to your door, sign the papers and have the keys. This can definitely be the service we offer you. First class VIP service at its finest is what we strive for. When you think of the experience we want you to say “wow, that was awesome” instead of the anxious, doubt filled, rumbling in your gut reaction after a visit to a dealership.

Hassle Free and Available Financing

We are here to answer your calls, emails and texts when you need us. There will be no manager to consult with as you sit and wait. No financing officer to turn you down. We strive to be as available as possible. We hope you will give us your trust and look forward to working with you through this exciting purchase and getting you the financing you need!

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